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Green Bond Training

This one-day training will walk you through the green bond market size and characteristics, existing standard for green bond issuance, green bond issuance process and case studies from various sectors from international and regional markets.




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Green Bond Training

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IBF Terms and Conditions

Course Duration

6 Hours (excluding breaks)



Mode of Delivery


Course schedule

 Day 1: 9am to 5pm (Includes 1hr break at 12nn)

Course Overview

The green bond market has reached USD1trillion in size as of November 2020 and is expected to see an annual issuance of USD1trillion per year from 2023 onwards. 

This programme is recognised under IBF Financial Scheme (FTS) and is eligible for funding subject to eligibility. Find out more on

This course is designed for

To help the Banking and Finance professionals increase the understanding of the green bond market and issuing green bonds.

Course outline

1. Green Bond market size and characteristics

The green bond market has reached USD1trillion in size as of November 2020 and is expected to see an annual issuance of USD1trillion per year from 2023 onwards. During this session, participants will learn about the characteristics of the market, how it is currently growing and what are the perspectives for its continued growth in Southeast Asia and the world.

2. Review of existing standards for green bond issuance

The green bond market has developed within the context of very specific standards. Some of these standards have been created at the national level, while regional and international standards also exist. The session will clarify how to make sense of the different levels of regulations that currently exist and seek to help participants make the right choices, when looking to issue or advise others to issue green bonds.

3. Issuance process for a green bond

This session will go through the various steps for the issuance of a green bond, from the definition of the projects to the second party opinion and the marketing to investors.

4. Case studies from specific sectors

In this session, participants will learn from specific case studies taken from various sectors taken from the international and the regional markets. Depending on the background of the participants, specific case studies can be designed, so that they fit the industry interest of the audience.

The Trainers

Cedric Rimaud

CFA - Green Bond Expert

First Degree Global Asset Management

Cedric has been developing investable projects in the climate finance space in Southeast Asia by supporting issuers to issue green bonds aligned with global frameworks, including the taxonomy of the Climate Bond Standard. He’s also been a consultant for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific on Green Finance.
Cedric has been a trainer in the renowned CBI Green Bond Training seminar, as well as a regular presenter in webinars across the region for CBI, ADB and other development institutions.

Cedric Rimaud

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